Training Philosophy

“You’ve got to train the horse!!!”

Betty McElvain

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Good training starts with proper management - so that the horse is sound in mind and body. It encompasses every interaction handlers and riders have with the horse, and goes hand-in-hand with with Rancho del Comienzo’s boarding philosophy.
“The horse must be allowed to be a horse and to develop its character. Correct dressage and correct handling develop the horse's character. They become…more confident in themselves…And their bodies become more beautiful through correct dressage, and they live longer and healthier lives."

Melissa Simms

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Taylor specializes in starting and restarting horses under saddle, as well as helping horses and their owners to find balance and communicate effectively - regardless of discipline. Her methods include elements of classic dressage, vaquero horsemanship, classic show jumping/gymnasticizing, and horse and rider biomechanics. This school of training and management allows for horses to be sure-footed, careful, and athletic to the best of their ability. They can handle varied environments and terrains while being focused and sound for work, competition, or recreation.
"The fastest way to get somewhere is to take your time."

Janne Rumbough

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Taylor aims to produce confident, well-rounded horses, that know how to problem solve, and enjoy learning. It is important to recognize and work with the unique qualities of each horse - they learn to be obedient but are encouraged to maintain their own “spark.” Taylor gives horses, from foals to mature competitors, a strong foundation for how to learn, how to handle new and stressful situations thoughtfully, and how to use their bodies effectively. This foundation starts with ground work. Horses learn to willingly lead correctly, stand tied, stand for the farrier, load and unload the trailer, accept tack, be ponied, and work on the lunge line, and more.

Their under-saddle education complements this groundwork, with focus on dressage in the classical sense; (the French root of the word) meaning the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops strength, flexibility, suppleness, balance, and willingness. Classical riding is the art of riding in harmony with, rather than against, the horse; and the benefits apply to all breeds and disciplines: English or western, competitive or recreational.

“Anything forced or misunderstood can never be beautiful.”


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At Rancho del Comienzo, we strive to bring out the best in every horse and horse and rider/handler pair. Horses (and humans!) learn how to learn, and how to use their bodies to the best of their abilities to succeed in any discipline of their choosing.

Full Training


Horses in Full Training are worked 5 days/week.

Part Time Training


Horses in Part Time training are worked 3 days/week.


$1400 + board

For horses to be started under saddle, RdC requires the horse stay for a minimum of 2 calendar months. The “starting” fee covers 5 days/week of work for 2 calendar months (roughly 45 days of work). Training starts with groundwork and continues with the horse’s under-saddle education.

**Progress made during this time period will vary for each horse.**

Taylor is also available to travel to give lessons locally. Please contact us for more details.
Taylor was amazing to work with. I reached out to her about what horses she had for sale. She directed me to a solid group of horses she had. It was a hard decision but I found one that I loved. I left the young mare in training with Taylor and when my horse arrived to me, I couldn't have been any happier. Taylor updated me along the way and was very honest with my mare’s progression. She really knows what she is doing. It can be tricky with young horses and Taylor really has a special gift with what she is doing. She is very calm and patient. I would absolutely work with Taylor again. She made the whole experience so easy and non-stressful, from buying to training.

Sara Atkinson